Why There Are Only 3 Degrees Of Separation Between You And Your Next Job

It turns out getting an interview is as simple as running into someone in a coffee shop.

This fall, as I was ordering in my favorite coffee shop, I spotted a startup employee I’d met at a job fair.

I came up to him and we chatted about the U.S. and figured out I’d gotten my driver’s license in his hometown! He also knew a couple people from the college I’d graduated from.

We connected on Twitter then LinkedIn and ran into each other again at another job fair. This time we arranged to have coffee.

At our coffee meeting I told him about what I was looking for and he offered to put me in touch with a couple of his contacts.

I met up with one of them soon after and, after we chatted about her social media strategy, she offered to add me to a private Facebook networking group.

I joined and promptly posted that I was looking for a job in communications and would love advice or pointers.

That same day one of the members of the group contacted me telling me about a job offer at her company that was about to be posted and giving me the contact information of the hiring manager.

I emailed my CV and got a call back for an interview the following day.

So, next time you go into your favorite café or bar, keep an open mind, there might be just 3 degrees of separation between you and your next job!


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