6 Things Coldplay Taught Me About Job Searching

 I’ve been job searching for about 6 months and I’ve learned a whole lot. Here are my key takeaways with the help of the wisdom of Chris Martin.

If you never try then you’ll never know” Speed of Sound

Whether it’s asking your old colleague for a recommendation on LinkedIn or asking an acquaintance if they can introduce you to someone who works at your dream company, just do it!

In both cases I put off doing those things because I was scared and you know what, every time people said yes almost immediately! So stop putting off asking and just do it.

Everybody here’s got somebody to lean on” Don’t Panic

Are you unemployed? Do you have a business card?

No? Well get one! I met most of the people who helped me land freelance gigs and interviews in cafés and bars by just striking up conversation.

Make yourself a nice business card (extremely easy on something like Vista Print for example) and start handing it out when you meet people that could potentially help you in your job-search.

Of course it’s good to have something to offer up as well. For example I helped a start-up founder with her social media strategy and she added me to a private networking group that I found lots of opportunities through.

I’m not gonna stand and wait” A Message

Met someone at a job fair, sent them your CV but haven’t heard back?

Follow up. Call, email, whatever it takes. Following up (within reason) is a great way to show that you are motivated and persevering.

Stop putting off asking and just do it.

Be grateful for whoever comes” Kaleidoscope

Did you just get a rejection email from your dream job?

Reply and thank them for their time. A nice email goes a long way. After I got rejected from my dream job this summer I followed up by calling and emailing to thank them and know what I could improve as a candidate.

I stayed in touch with one of the employees that interviewed me and she sent me links to job offers that might interest me at similar companies!

You just want somebody listening to what you say” Square One

Being around people helps. A lot.

Volunteering, going to a coworking space and networking events: all these are excellent ways to stay active during your job-search and beat the unemployment blues.

Right after my contract ended at my last job I found myself sitting alone at a coffee shop looking at job adds and all of a sudden this feeling of extreme loneliness washed over me.

So when I got a call that I had gotten into a month-long program for job-seekers I seized my chance and said yes. Then I kept volunteering as a Community Manager for them for two more months. Then I did a job-hacking with another non-profit. Then I worked at a festival after meeting someone at the coworking space I went to. And so on and so forth.

You don’t know how lovely you are” The Scientist

Do you feel tired and defeated?

It’s very easy to get burnt out during a job search.

Don’t forget to take some time to read in the sunshine, have coffee with friends and generally do things that make you happy.

Taking care of yourself is a good way to ensure you’ll be at your best once you land that top interview!

How about you? What did you learn while job searching? Does Chris Martin inspire you? Feel free to share.


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  1. eayme says:

    You are magnificent Marie! Good things will come to you. You deserve it!


    1. Marie Rousseau says:

      Thanks Edna!I really appreciate it!


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