I am a passionate communications crafter and I would like to help you tell your story as best I can. Why me? Well why don’t I tell you my story.

You can also get a broader glimpse of my skills on LinkedIn.

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7. FAQ (where you can find out which “Friends” character I am)

A curated list of some of my work experience

Communications Consultant         1-xV42696J-yYWKF35MMpA5w                                                                        
January 2016 – present | Paris, France

I have completed missions for startups, corporations and NGOs using my communications expertise, such as:

  • Manning the booth for French startup Bubble, a mobile application for comic book lovers, and pitching to attendees during the Angoulême International Comic Festival. Achievements: collected at least 30 emails per day and got over 300 people to download the app over the course of the festival and 150 to create accounts.
  • A women’s rights campaign and petition in French and English for the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) involving writing, social media and press relations. Check out the campaign on the FIDH’s website.
  • Translation for French and anglophone clients.


Job hacker for
Chomunity- non-profit helping job seekers
December 2015 | Paris, France

  • Analyzed’s European communications strategy, mainly on Facebook and Twitter, and came up with 6 recommendations.
    Achievements: tweets from 7 employees (including the European Campaigns Director) thanking me for a job well done, with 2 requests to continue the conversation by PM, and a positive email exchange with the local team in France.

Community Managercojob-02-e1391788025654
COJOB – non-profit helping young graduates strategize their job-search
September – November 2015 | Paris, France

  • Managed social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Achievements: 1000 likes reached on Facebook, +25% follower growth on Twitter and 5 new followers/day on LinkedIn.

Communications Coordinator                              photo2946
American University of Paris (AUP)
February 2015- August 2015 | Paris, France

  • Created content on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) on Hootsuite. Achievements: twice as many clicks reached on Twitter and a third more likes per post on Facebook.
  • Wrote, edited and published feature stories, news and events items. Users spent about 1 minute longer than average reading content I wrote.
  • Restructured the web presence of administrative departments in coordination with their respective heads.
  • Created web reporting on Google Analytics and put in place additional tools such as Inspectlet and Crazy Egg.
  • Coordinated work with the Communications team, faculty, current students, alumni and staff to optimize AUP’s online presence.

Academic Web Coordinator (part-time)photo2946
American University of Paris (AUP)
September 2014- January 2015 | Paris, France

  • Wrote and edited feature stories, news and events and worked with the Communications team, faculty, staff and current students to optimize the Academics section of the website.

My super powers

  • Content writing for web and print ★★★★
  • Community management (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) ★★★★
  • Translation (French-English) ★★★★
  • Press relations ★★☆☆
  • SEO and Google Analytics ★★★☆
  • Hootsuite ★★★★
  • HTML ★★☆☆
  • CSS ★★☆☆
  • Javascript★☆☆☆
  • CMS Drupal ★★★★
  • MailChimp ★★★★

How I communicate

  • French – native speaker
  • English – native speaker
  • Spanish – limited working proficiency (7 years in middle school and high school)

What I learned

Bachelor in Political Science index
Swarthmore College – Pennsylvania, USA | 2008 – 2012
Swarthmore is ranked 3rd on “Forbes’ Top Colleges 2014

French Baccalaureate in Economics – International Option (OIB) 1b5b303
Ecole Jeannine Manuel – Paris, France | 2008

How I helped out

French as a Foreign Language teacher   LOGOwp                                                                  
Centre Cerise, a parisian sociocultural center
January 2014- June 2014 | Paris, France

Social Club volunteer        Dublin-Simon-Community-3801
Dublin Simon Community, an NGO helping the homeless
2012-2013 | Dublin, Ireland

Volunteer on organic farms FoWo_logo3.png
World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms
Summer 2010 | Huntly, York and Oxford, United Kingdom

English teaching assistantproject
Primary school “Centro Educativo Cenit Manitas Traviesas”
Summer 2009 | Liberia, Costa Rica

What I like to do in my spare time

Cycling, singing at open mics, drawing with charcoal, reading long graphic novels, taking pictures with my film camera and drinking Earl Grey tea while eating rose macarons.


Because you might still have some questions.

1. How bilingual are you, I mean really?

On a scale of 1 to 10: 10. It might sound like I’m bragging but to paint a clearer picture in French I sound French and in English I sound American. It’s actually kind of a problem, especially when I complain about something French in English and get mistaken for an ungrateful tourist.

True story.

2. In your cover letter you claim to be a dynamic, entrepreneurial self-starter with a can-do attitude, do you have any concrete examples?

Sure! First off here are a few examples of things that I’ve taught myself over the years: web writing, CMS Drupal, HTML, singing, community management, balloon modelling, guitar, ukulele and building webforms. My former supervisor at the American University of Paris (AUP) even dubbed me “the webform queen.”

Speaking of which, another example is how grew in my most recent roles at AUP. I started out as part-time Academic Web Coordinator, briefly stepped in part-time at the Registrar’s office when their assistant left, and then went on to become a full-time Communications Coordinator.

As Communications Coordinator I lead a variety of projects related to the university’s communications including interviewing and writing for its fundraising brochure, revamping the online presence of administrative departments and putting in place web reporting tools to improve user experience.

After AUP I volunteered as Community Manager at COJOB. Before I stepped in COJOB was clearly lagging in their follower growth on social media, especially on Twitter and LinkedIn.

When I started I made it my priority to spruce up their social presence and lay out the groundwork for consistent growth: I set up an account on Hootsuite to plan all their posts, established guidelines for posting on their different accounts and trained the two founders, Marie (who wrote about her experience working with me) and Clémentine, in social media best practices.

Since I stopped volunteering their Facebook following, which reached 1000 likes during my time as CM, has steadily grown, they have opened a new office in Nantes in the North of France and have benefited from increased media coverage and sponsorship!

Lastly I recently took on a little “job hacking” project where I analyzed online petition platform’s social media practices and established 6 recommendations so they could improve, which I received some very positive feedback for from employees.

3. What did you do right out of college/university?

I really wanted to take some time to live abroad and volunteer so I moved to Ireland for a year. I supported myself by waitressing and child-minding and volunteered at the Dublin Simon Community, a local NGO helping the homeless, in my spare time. During that time I got very good at carrying lots of plates, graciously losing at Scrabble, and speaking in an Irish accent.

When I came back to Paris I spent another 6 months volunteering as a French teacher for adults at a sociocultural center.

4. You spent a lot of time volunteering, what are some of your best memories of those times and what did you learn?

Losing at Scrabble over and over again with the same two service users at the Dublin Simon Community and loving every bit of it? Also helping 6-year-old Costa Rican children pronounce days of the week in English, teaching adults from Turkey, Romania, Thailand and Syria (to name but a few) how to speak French without ever letting on that I spoke English and picking strawberries next to a small castle while WWOOFing in Scotland.

Some of the skills I acquired volunteering, in no particular order: clear communication skills with people from different backgrounds, boundary setting, and the importance of team work and compassion.

5. If you were a “Friends” character which one would you be?

Gunther. Because Gunther is the best.