They’ve worked with me and they enjoyed it! Here’s what they have to say:

1cdf9cbNicolas Dévé, founder of Bubble, a mobile app for comic-book lovers:

“Marie worked with me promoting my mobile app for comic book lovers, Bubble, at the Angoulême International Comic Festival over the course of 4 days.

She was extremely at ease pitching the app to festivalgoers, as well as answering their questions. She also excelled at collecting information about their comic collection habits and persuading them to leave us their contact information. Overall Marie helped me collect about 150 emails and get 300 people to download the app, with over half of those creating accounts!

Marie is genuine, curious and a fast learner, hence she is very easy to work  with!”

0cb7132Marie Grimaldi, co-founder of non-profit COJOB which helps young graduates strategize their job-search:

“Marie joined our team as a a member of the COJOB program and volunteer Community Manager. She has successfully bolstered our social media presence: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram hold no secrets for her!

Passionate, creative and resourceful, Marie has drawn up a social media strategy tailored to our needs that has enabled us to galvanize our online presence, she comes highly recommended!”

Magdalena Martin, University Registrar at the American University of Paris:

“Marie worked with me both as Communications Coordinator and Assistant to the Registrar during 2014-2015. When one of our staff members at the Registrar’s Office left unexpectedly, Marie swiftly stepped in. A fast learner, she was quickly at ease with our database, CAMS, and helped us to schedule our Fall 2015 semester. She worked effectively with Registrar team and helped us finish the work in due time.

In our work together as Communications Coordinator, Marie was very proactive. She spontaneously suggested and enacted many improvements to the Registrar’s online presence that helped students navigate the website more effectively. Marie also helped us streamline administrative procedures by building and improving online forms and trained our staff by organizing a workshop.

Lastly Marie is a profoundly positive and upbeat person, we always enjoyed having her at the Registrar’s! She is a very dedicated professional: it has been a pleasure working with her.”